About Our Office

Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GA


Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GA     Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GA

Our Mission:  Dentistry for Woodstock offers the highest quality care to our patients. We implement the latest technology that provides our patients with the best diagnosis and treatment. Our goal is to be pain-free and create a relaxed atmosphere at our dental office with friendly, professional service to each and every one of our patients.

From the bubbling fountains present inside and outside our dental office to the sky-painted ceiling with fiber-optic stars, we create an atmosphere unlike any other Woodstock Dental Office. Through a combination of décor, spa-like amenities, and advanced technology,  Dentistry for Woodstock will ensure your ultimate comfort and peace of mind.

Our complimentary amenities include:

  • Tempur-Pedic dental chairs offering heating and massage.
  • Personalized flat-screen TV in every operatory.
  • DVD and CD library.
  • iPods and Internet music (choose your genre).
  • BOSE noise-cancelling headphones (to minimize dental noises).
  • Warm blankets, herbal neck pillows, and hot towels.
  • Candles and aromatherapy oils.
  • Paraffin hand wax treatments.
  • Pamper lounge: juice, water, coffee, and tea.
  • Free Wi-Fi in the reception area.

Our spa amenities are provided chairside. Choose which ones you’d like from our Dentistry for Woodstock Spa Dentistry Menu. At the end of your appointment, Ibuprofen, lip balm, and a beverage of your choice will be delivered on a silver platter. We can store your selections in our personal computer and recall them the next time you visit. It’s just part of our commitment to helping you, “Come to the dentist, and relax!”

Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GA     Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GA