Care Tips to Avoid the Need for Denture Repairs

Care Tips to Avoid the Need for Denture Repairs from Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GA Denture repairs are often necessary due to general wear and tear or breaks in the dentures. Your dentist should provide instructions on how to care for your dentures daily to reduce the risk of needing denture repairs or a complete replacement. This review discusses some of the care tips a dentist may recommend.

How to care for your dentures and avoid the need for denture repairs

You can care for your dentures by wearing them correctly and often, keeping them properly rinsed throughout the day, cleaning them the proper way, repairing them as soon as they become loose, and rinsing them after every meal. The following is a more detailed look at each care tip for dentures.

Wear your dentures regularly

It is important to wear your dentures regularly to help ensure they maintain the proper fit and you are able to grow accustomed to wearing them. Often, patients neglect to wear them, which can increase the chance of early issues with fitting and lead to the need for denture repairs, especially if the patient does not properly soak them while they are not worn, allowing them to dry out.

Keep your dentures clean and properly rinsed

It is also crucial to keep dentures as clean as possible at all times. This should include soaking them in water while they are not worn. However, germs can still accumulate unless you clean them regularly as well. A failure to keep your dentures clean can cause an oral health concern as well as increase the risk of needing denture repairs.

Not cleaning dentures the proper way

All too many clean their dentures improperly, which can also increase the chances of needing denture repairs. For example, many use a hard-bristled toothbrush that is abrasive and roughens up the dentures. Instead, it is important to use a soft-bristle toothbrush when cleaning them.

Repair your dentures when they become loose

Dentists recommend repairing dentures as soon as they become loose. Otherwise, they could cause soreness, irritation, and inflammation of the gums. In addition, dentures that are loose are more vulnerable to needing replacement rather than denture repair if they are not addressed in a timely manner after they become loose. In addition, you should also avoid a DIY repair if they become loose as well.

Remove and rinse dentures after you eat

Loose particles and food debris can become lodged in the dentures and wear them down over time. The best way to prevent this from happening is to simply remove and rinse them after each meal. This can protect your periodontal health as well as reduce the risk of needing denture repairs.

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