Getting Professional Help for Simple Denture Repairs

Getting Professional Help for Simple Denture Repairs from Dentistry for Woodstock in Woodstock, GASimple denture repairs offer a way to restore the overall condition of your dentures after they are worn down, damaged, or outdated. This helps prevent the need for denture replacement, which can save you money and time and allow you to keep the dentures that you have grown accustomed to.

Simple denture repairs explained by a dental professional

Simple denture repairs explained by a dental professional

Professional simple denture repair involves restoring the condition of your dentures by a licensed dentist. The following review discusses simple denture repairs, highlighting what it is exactly, the benefits it can offer, when it is recommended by a dental professional, and when a replacement may be necessary instead.

What are simple denture repairs?

Simple denture repairs offer a cost-effective way to improve the way your dentures look, feel, and function. It involves making any necessary improvements to the dentures. For example, during a simple denture repair, the dentist may:

  • Adjust the way the dentures fit
  • Fix chips, cracks, and other forms of damage
  • Fix damage to the acrylic base
  • Address dentures that are warped
  • Clean dentures and remove stains

Simple denture repairs typically refer to fast and easy repairs, although more extensive repairs are possible as well, such as a denture rebase which involves removing the acrylic base and customizing a new base for a more desirable fit and appearance.

The benefits of simple denture repairs

Simple denture repairs often extend the lifespan of dentures significantly. Dentures can begin to wear down after four or five years in many cases, and simple denture repairs can help them last for closer to a decade. They also improve the way the dentures fit, providing more comfort for the patient each day. Many also seek simple denture repairs due to the aesthetic benefit it provides, and many report a higher level of confidence in their smile after a simple denture repair.

The risks of not getting professional help for simple denture repairs

Skipping an essential denture repair can increase the risk of needing to replace the dentures in the near future. It can also lead to an increased level of discomfort while wearing the dentures, whereas properly repaired dentures generally fit comfortably. Loose dentures in need of simple denture repair are also more likely to come loose at inopportune times as well.

Simple denture repairs vs. replacement

There are times when dentures replacement is a better solution than simple denture repair, particularly if denture repair is not possible, not cost-effective, or takes an extended amount of time to complete. A dentist can provide a professional recommendation as to whether a simple denture repair or replacement is best during a consultation.

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Start the simple denture repairs process with a consultation visit

You can start the simple denture repairs process with a consultation visit here at our dental practice. If you are not happy with your dentures due to damage, stains, an improper fit, or another concern, then do not hesitate to reach out to us today. We are glad to answer your questions and restore your dentures to optimal condition.

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