How Digital Scans Are Used To Make a Dental Crown

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Until some years back, a dental crown was made using manual impressions taken in a dentist’s office. Nowadays, there are technological advancements that allow the dentist to take digital scans of the teeth. The innovative technology uses virtual, computer-generated models of the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity with high-tech scanning devices. The technique solves some of the problems associated with regular dental impressions and gives patients a much more comfortable experience while ensuring greater accuracy.

The use of digital scans

If the dentist needs to take digital impressions for a new dental crown, they will still need to prepare the teeth like they would if the patient were getting an ordinary tray impression. After preparing the teeth, the procedure is a little different. The dentist will use a small intraoral handheld scanner to take digital, 3D images of the teeth. It takes only a few minutes to finish the complete digital scan.

The images taken by the scanner are extremely detailed and they are used to produce highly accurate impression data. The experience is remarkably more comfortable, as well. After scanning the mouth, the dentist will transfer the impression information to a computer and view the images to ensure the digital scan is perfect. They can magnify the image in greater detail, so it is easier to see any flaw.

During the evaluation, the dentist will check and ensure that there is enough space for the new restoration and, if required, make additional adjustments to the tooth. With regular tray impressions, it is often harder to tell if there is enough space, and they will be wary of removing too much tooth material than necessary, since preserving healthy tooth structure is paramount. If they need to take another digital scan, the process will be just as fast and seamless.

Afterward, the dental professional will examine the images again on a computer screen. For the dental crown, the scanner can accurately determine the tooth shade and provide the dental lab with high-definition photos. The images make it a lot more convenient to accurately replicate the different shades of the natural teeth to ensure the finished dental crown blends in beautifully with the rest of the teeth. When they are satisfied, the dentist will forward the data to the dental laboratory, which will be used to produce well-fitting dental crowns.

The advantage of digital scans

it is more convenient to take a digital scan – even if there is an issue, the dentist can easily take another impression, meaning less time in the dental chair. The scan eliminates avoidable human errors and inaccuracies related to the fit and color, which may sometimes mean remaking and refitting the dental crown.

In conclusion

A dental crown serves many purposes – both cosmetic and restorative. With digital scans, even patients with a strong gag reflex or those who cannot tolerate impression trays can have oral impressions taken without any hassle. You can be assured of a dental crown that fits over the tooth precisely and beautifully.

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