How Does a Children’s Dentist Deal With Tooth Infections?

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A children’s dentist focuses on the oral health of kids. The dentists are trained to care for the teeth, gums and mouths of children. They can deal with a wide range of dental problems including an abscessed tooth. Read on to find out why you should take your child to a children’s dentist for an abscessed tooth.

Children’s dentist for an abscessed tooth

An abscessed tooth is a common infection that is caused by tooth decay, a cracked tooth or periodontal disease. These dental problems can let bacteria enter the pulp, which may eventually lead to pulp death. When pus ends up building up at the root tip in the jawbone, it can form an abscess. This is a pocket of pus that forms around an infected tooth’s root.

If it is not treated, the abscess can lead to a serious infection in the teeth, jawbone and surrounding tissues. Symptoms of an abscess include swelling, pain and redness in the gums. Other common symptoms include a bad taste in the mouth and fever. The right treatment options for an abscessed tooth will depend on the severity of the infection. Here are some treatment methods the dentist may consider.


The dentist may give the child antibiotics to help stop the infection. A dentist may make a hole in the child’s tooth or cut open the abscess inside the mouth. This can drain the infection, which may relieve the child’s pain. Root canal treatment may also help. This option may save the tooth. It will involve taking out the infected pulp and then replacing it with a filling and/or a healing medicine. If these methods do not work, removing the tooth may be necessary.

Follow-up care

Follow-up care is a vital part of the child’s treatment. The child should be taken to all appointments. If the child is having problems, the dentist or doctor should be informed. It is also beneficial for the parent to know the child’s test results and to keep a list of the medicines being taken.

Caring for the child at home

Pain and swelling in the child’s face and jaw can be reduced by putting a cold pack or ice on the cheek. This should be done for about 10 to 20 minutes at a time. A thin cloth should be put between the child’s skin and ice. If any medicine was prescribed for the pain, it should be given as prescribed. If the child is not taking any prescription pain medication, the health care provider should be asked if taking an over-the-counter medicine is ideal. Antibiotics should also be given as directed.


An abscessed tooth needs to be treated as soon as possible. This will help prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your child’s body. Treatment for children may involve prescribing antibiotics, draining of the infection or a root canal. Removing your child’s tooth may be recommended if the other options do not work. If you want to find out more about treating an abscessed tooth, talk to a children’s dentist.

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