How Often Should I Visit My Dentist for a Dental Cleaning?

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The lingering rule about dental cleaning is that it should be twice every year. This is what dentists tell their patients to maintain good oral health. Because of busy schedules, you often get a phone call to remind you to come back for your next teeth cleaning. The reminder often leads many patients to ask how often dental cleanings should be. If you are wondering how many times a year you should go for a teeth cleaning, here are the facts.

The true frequency

Most people know that a dental cleaning should be every six months or twice a year. This recommendation originates from a toothpaste commercial. Seeing the dentist twice yearly is not ideal for every person. The truth is that every set of teeth has different needs. Every patient’s oral care needs depend on medical conditions, oral hygiene, and habits.

Some patients may do well with just seeing the dentist once or two times every year. Others may need to do so at least twice. Patients should ask dentists when the next dental appointment will be. Most dentists would tell patients to see them on a specific date. This is better so that patients could prepare ahead.

Patients who need more frequent dental cleanings

Certain patients need to have a dental cleaning at least two times each year. These people are at greater risk of developing periodontitis and other dental issues. Such patients should go for a dental cleaning at least every three months. People who belong to the high-risk group are smokers, diabetics, and pregnant women. Those who are immunocompromised, prone to cavities, and have periodontitis also need to get a dental cleaning more often.

The reasons for dental visits

Seeing the dentist for a dental cleaning will always be part of one’s oral hygiene. The primary goal for dental checkups is to prevent serious dental problems. Dentists have the training and knowledge to detect any budding oral health issues. One example is gum disease, which is not painful or visible until they become worse. If dentists do find such dental issues, early treatments or referrals can happen. Patients can save a lot of effort and money this way.

Dentists recommend that children should have more frequent dental cleanings because their teeth are more vulnerable to decay. Adults who do not have any dental issues can visit even every two years. People who are below 18 years old are at low risk. These patients can see the dentist every 18 months to two years.

Keeping dental cleanings less frequent

Patients can go ahead and visit dentists less often. They could only do this if good oral care is a priority. Brushing twice a day, flossing before bed, and using an antibacterial mouthwash are effective ways to ward off cavities. If the dentist does not spot any problems at all, then teeth cleanings will be less frequent.

The frequency of your dental cleanings depends on the level of your oral health

How often you see your dentist depends on the condition of your mouth. People like diabetics and smokers should have teeth cleanings more often. Dental cleanings prevent you from developing serious oral issues. Combined with your thorough oral care, you may even have less frequent visits to your dentist.

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