How Wisdom Teeth Issues Can Lead to Gum Disease and Affect Overall Health

Wisdom Teeth Woodstock, GA

Wisdom teeth may come in later in life, but these molars can cause a host of dental problems. It is no wonder why dentists often recommend that people go to an oral surgeon for removal. These teeth are not vital for chewing, and there is often not enough space in the mouth for them anyway. If you decide to keep these teeth, be aware that serious issues can result. If you understand how these molars can impact your health and wellness, you can see why removal is critical.

Why wisdom teeth are difficult to clean

Dentists regularly treat patients who have problems with their molars. It can be difficult to reach molars with a toothbrush and dental floss. It is even a bigger challenge to get to wisdom teeth. As the third set of molars, these teeth come in when a person is in their late teens or early 20s.

The teeth’s location in the mouth makes it crowded and difficult to find room to come in straight. As a result, the teeth often cut through at odd angles and are crooked. Patients may not spend enough time brushing and flossing these teeth each day. Also, because they can be misshapen, people may miss parts of the tooth when brushing.

Plaque buildup

Dentists urge patients to brush at least twice a day. It is vital to spend enough time on this activity. Patients should brush the entire surface of every tooth. Doing this removes food particles, sugar, and starch from teeth. Without brushing, these remain, leaving bacteria on the teeth.

Wisdom teeth are especially susceptible because of their hard-to-reach location. As the bacteria stay on the teeth, a sticky substance called plaque forms. It can then harden into tartar, which eats away at the enamel. Tartar can also develop on the gumline, inflaming the gums and causing gingivitis.

Periodontitis and poor flossing

Dentists regularly find that patients do not floss effectively. Some people ignore this habit completely. People who do not floss daily are likely not to floss wisdom teeth at all. Flossing removes bacteria at the gumline and in between teeth. Neglecting this need forms pockets of bacteria in between teeth, causing periodontal disease. This can result in tooth loss and even bone loss.

The solutions

When impacted wisdom teeth make oral hygiene difficult, the dentist may recommend extracting them. Before this can happen, the patient should commit to good dental habits. Focusing on brushing and flossing these teeth can prevent gum disease from developing. The patient should also visit the dentist for a professional teeth cleaning. At these appointments, the hygienist may use an ultrasonic tool to scrape off plaque and keep gums healthy and strong.

Avoid gum problems, pay attention to wisdom teeth

When your third set of molars come in, they can affect your oral health. Gum disease is common, as brushing and flossing these teeth can be challenging. Gum disease can spread infections throughout the body. To prevent this, pay close attention to good oral hygiene habits. You should also speak to your dentist about removing these teeth.

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