Why a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Important for Your Oral Health

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Woodstock, GA

Wisdom tooth extraction is often recommended by dental professionals to avoid severe oral health concerns from developing. It is relatively rare for wisdom teeth to grow properly, and an improper growth of the wisdom teeth can increase the risk of a range of oral health problems.

The oral health benefits of wisdom tooth extraction

The most common risks of not removing wisdom teeth that do not emerge through the gums properly are dental cavities, periodontal disease, oral infection, and tooth loss. Overcrowding concerns caused by wisdom teeth can also contribute to alignment concerns or not enable proper orthodontic treatment.

Reduces risk of dental cavities

Wisdom teeth can push up against the molars and make it harder for patients to reach all surfaces of the teeth while brushing and flossing. This can increase the risk of dental cavities to the molars, the wisdom teeth (third molars), and other teeth inside the mouth, especially if overcrowding results due to spacing issues caused by the wisdom teeth. By removing the wisdom teeth, teeth can have adequate space, and it is easier to reach all areas of the mouth while brushing.

Reduces risk of periodontal disease

Wisdom teeth that do not emerge fully through the gums (known as impacted wisdom teeth) can also increase the risk of periodontal (gum) disease. It is more likely that bacteria and food particles can get trapped in areas around the impacted wisdom teeth, leading to bacterial attacks on the gums that cause them to become inflamed and damaged. Through wisdom tooth extraction, the risk of periodontal disease may be reduced.

Reduces risk of oral infection

Bacteria can become trapped in the gum openings caused by the wisdom teeth. When this occurs and enough bacteria accumulate, it can lead to an infection, potentially leading to symptoms such as swollen gums, swollen lymph nodes, tooth pain and sensitivity, and fever. Wisdom tooth extraction can help prevent the accumulation of bacteria that can lead to an oral infection.

Helps avoid teeth overcrowding

Wisdom teeth are large teeth. For many patients, there is hardly enough room inside the jaw without the set of third molars. When the wisdom teeth come through, it can cause severe overcrowding issues, which make it more complicated to achieve ideal teeth alignment.

Reduces risk of tooth loss

Due to the increased risk of periodontal disease, dental cavities, and oral infection, there is an increased risk of the loss of teeth without wisdom tooth extraction. This is often preceded by damage to the teeth or the gums.

Are your wisdom teeth causing you discomfort?

If you have not had the condition of your wisdom teeth examined by a dental professional and want to determine if they are causing oral health concerns or may cause ones in the future, contact our dental office today to schedule a consultation visit. We can examine your wisdom teeth and determine if a wisdom tooth extraction is recommended.

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